Travel Funds Card

Used worldwide, this card is the plastic version of the traditional paper Travelers Cheque. Leveraging the equity in the color and design elements of the original Traveler’s Cheque, the card is produced in metallic lavender, with the centurion figure hologram as a security feature.

Travel Funds Card Concepts

Inspired by design of international currency, these designs feature multiple colors, security features, intricate details and patterns.

Corporate Services Literature System

The Corporate Services division of American Express creates hundreds of print communications every year including brochures, newsletters, direct mail, welcome kits, presentations, stationery, and promotions. Our flexible system to brings a consistent look across all communications, using simple typography and large full-bleed imagery.

The thin, multi-colored band reflects their breadth of products. The “brand thread” at the bottom of the page reinforces product offerings and includes the tagline. To solve a brand architecture issue, we created a typographic lockup to distinguish sub-divisions. After the system was developed, it was documented in a guidelines manual.

Platinum Business Credit Card

After a comprehensive design exploration and focus group testing, this card design was chosen to go into production and is currently in use by American Express, as part of their offering for Open: The Small Business Network. Our brief was to redesign this card to feel more prestigious and modern than the previous card, to appeal to successful small business owners.

The design uses some of American Express’s traditional graphic elements, interpreted in a contemporary, asymmetrical layout. The card design is simple and iconic, with attention to intricate detail. The metallic platinum card is produced with many layers of clear plastic, with different elements printed on different layers, so it has a deep luster and luxury feel.

Platinum Business Credit Card

These additional designs are a few that were presented to our client. Studies focused creating an iconic card layout, with attention to color, security details and typography. We designed a range of options from close in to further out, while making sure all still felt part of the trusted American Express card family.

Presentation to Apple

We prepared a pitch for American Express to present Apple with the opportunity for a co-branded credit card. Oversized floor-to-ceiling posters filled the meeting room, with simple statements and graphics highlighting the similarities between the brands. Everyone in attendance had a take-away “titanium” engraved binder with the presentation inside. The binder came in a silkscreened custom bag. A proposed card design was also presented.