Annual Report 2008

The concept, “Look Closer”, reflects TCW’s drive to thoroughly research each investment opportunity, and highlights the extensive experience of it’s people. It is also a challenge to internal and external audiences to see the totality of TCW’s offerings.

A square window is used to graphically interpret the theme, and support TCW’s square logo. The design is straightforward, crisp, and contemporary. Editorial style photography helps to capture TCW’s stories, with alternating focal points to document the rigor of their process and the diversity of their culture. A flexible grid provides an underlying structure to each point of view.

Annual Report Concept

This concept, “Connecting”, establishes a strong narrative about how TCW’s highly specialized teams, working across a full-spectrum of asset classes, seek to outperform competition through collaboration between their groups. It highlights their connection to Société Générale and a global range of opportunities.

A bold, angular blue line runs throughout the report, literally connecting messages, stories, strategies and relationships. The line interacts with the photography, and draws maps and icons. This direction unmistakably shows connections between disparate groups and the breadth of opportunities available at TCW.